Ceramics handcrafted in Bucharest

Tactil util is a small ceramic studio in Bucharest, that aims to establish a dialogue between the object and its owner through texture, form and utility. The objects are handmade and most of them are left unglazed on the exterior, thus enhancing their tactile qualities.

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Food & drinks are essential for us, so let’s make breakfast, lunch & dinner more pleasant, by using special tableware. You’ll find cups, bowls, plates & other useful products, all carefully handcrafted so you can enjoy your meals in a stylish way.


Simple & minimalist!
Adorning your outfit with neutral & natural colors can be timesaver sometimes. These jewels match with everything, whether you are casually or elegantly dressed. Shop our collection of earrings, necklaces & brooches.

Decorative objects

Beautiful objects in our house can only bring positive vibes. Our vases are perfect for a small bouquet of fresh flowers that can cheer you up every day.
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